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Interior and Exterior Search

Our company performs sweeps for possible underground storage tanks. The Cornerstone technician will first look inside the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tank...ie. the presence of an oil fired furnace, oil burner shut off switches and/or pipes or lines exiting the foundation or floor that may be usual to fill or supply lines. Utilizing an electronic metal and cave detector, the technician sweeps the grounds searching for any buried metallic objects. The technician sweeps outward from the building in all directions in a radius of thirty (30) feet. The detection equipment utilized is capable of locating a metallic object up to a depth of eight (8) feet. The search will reveal the presence of any large metallic object buried underground. This type of testing along with visual inspections inside the home helps to determine the existence of oil or storage tanks that may otherwise go undetected. The current owner of the home may not be aware of the existence of this tank especially in older home which often had oil tanks for heating that were abandoned when gas conversions were made. If a suspicious object is discovered the technician will mark the location and describe the location in the report generated. This possible abandoned tank can now be dealt with prior to ownership and removal/remediation costs will be placed on the owner of the property.

Contact an Oil Tank Removal Expert

Cornerstone Home Inspection is strictly a testing company and does not perform tank removals, to alleviate a conflict of interest. We can refer you to a professional oil tank removal expert or go with your own choice.